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Gear cutting & Engineering Ltd

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Gear Cutting and Engineering is a New Zealand company that is Christchurch based and specialises in Industrial transmission, gear and spline manufacturing along with the associated machining involved with this industry. A mixture of specialised machinery is required for this process which also enables us to serve the precision and manufacturing engineering industry as well. Although we are a new company the owner has thirty years of experience and expertise that can be drawn upon, starting back in 1987 as Canning Gears and then continuing as I-trans Engineering. Progressively over these years a reputation of quality, reliability, versatility and work ethic has been earned to serve our industry well and is backed by our fair and reasonable pricing. It is our intention that this will continue and every effort will be made to improve on these values.

We are committed to serving all of our industrial and manufacturing customers

Tooling and Design

With our range of hobs and shaping cutters Gear Cutting and Engineering are able to produce most of the common gear forms, pressure angles and splines. Our range of cutters also include timing pulleys and the BS and ANSI sprocket range. We will be continually adding to this cutter range so that our customers can be offered the very best service. Special cutters can also be manufactured if they are required for those special tooth forms where standard cutters are not available. To compliment our cutter range we can provide specialist help with gear and spline design using our gear cad software. To finish the job we have a diverse range of gear cutting machinery that we can call upon.

Design, tooling and equipment are our ingredients to success.

CNC lathe and Machining Centre capabilities

Gear Cutting and Engineering have machining centre and a CNC lathe with a bar feed. With the bar feed we can achieve small specialised production runs for all types of precision engineering components which also includes our gear components. With our machining centre we have the ability to achieve a range of specialised milling processes to manufacture the precision components that are required for the engineering and manufacturing industry. We also have a wire cutting machine that gives us the diversity to cut special shapes and internal splines. These machines are linked together by cad programming software which means that design and machining information can be shared.

Precision and manufacturing engineering is what we do.

Other machining services

Our range of manual lathes and associated equipment enables Gear Cutting and Engineering to offer a diversity of other machining options for our customers. These include all types of V pulleys for belt drives and other machined components such as shafts, housings and rollers. We can also offer a bore and key broaching service but for the larger keys or specials we have on hand a slotting machine. Our wire cutting machine is also useful for cutting key-ways into hardened hubs with through bores.

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Specialised service work

The manufacture of worm and worm-wheels for reduction boxes are also a speciality for Gear Cutting and Engineering Included in this is the capability for manufacturing other gears and shafts that maybe required for other types of industrial gear units. A rebuild and overhaul service is also offered for all of these units. In some instances we can provide a gear repair service which includes crack testing and welding. We can also repair and service other power drives that are related to the industrial engineering and power transmission industry.

We fix all Industrial Gearboxes and Drives.


For our customer that find themselves in a breakdown situation Gear Cutting and Engineering will make every effort to get your machine or production line back into service as quickly as possible.

Service is paramount.