Engineering Services

Manufacturing Capacity:

  • Spur Gears:- (120-1.5 DP & 0.2-16 Mod) – (6-400teeth) – (internal gears 600mm PCD)
    Gear shafts and pinions
  • Helical Gears:- (120-1.5DP & 0.2 -16 Mod) – (6-200teeth) – (O/D: 1mm – 1400mm)
    Internal helical gears, information on request.
  • Ring Gears:-
    (90-1.5DP & 0.75-10Mod) – (Diameters up to 1 metre) – (Internal & external gears)
  • Quadrants & Segments:- (Quadrants any size up to 600mm radius capacity from any material)
    (Segments:- Teeth can be cut on a full circle both internally & externally
  • Micro Gears:- With our Mikron precision gear cutter we can cut watch & instrument size gears
  • Racks:- (24-5DP & 1-5Mod) – (2 1/2” or 65mm tooth face) Rack size & length to suit our customers requirement.
  • Splines:- Internal, External & splined inserts manufactured to the customers requirements. We can cut
    most standard splines and manufacture tooling for the rest which includes the wire cutting of internal splines
  • Crown wheel & pinions straight teeth:- (24-3DP & 1-8 Mod) – (8-200teeth) – (O/D 10-600mm)
  • Ratchet Gear Wheels:- Can be cut to any form, single or double sided – (6-400 teeth)
  • Worm and worm wheels:- (90-2.5DP & 0.3-10Mod) – (Diameter range 10-900mm – multi starts – worm shaft gear grinding) Material:- Bronze, cast iron and steel. Gear grinding for worm-shafts
  • Sprocket Manufacture:- British & ANSI standard up to 2 1/2”pitch with 2 1/2—31/2”available with limited O/D. Multi strand, profile cut, agricultural, irrigation, plate wheels for motorcycles and other applications
    Split & slat top sprockets & tooth segments.
    Manufactured from Most materials
  • Timing Pulleys:- Manufactured (XL, L, H, XH) – (3, 5,14M HTD) – (2.5, 5,10 T&AT) – A complete range
    Other pulleys or toothed pulleys manufactured to the customers requirements.
  • Bore & key Services:- Broaching up 20mm and other services include, taper-lock, QD Bores & all other specialised boring and key-way processes. Large keys slotted or wire cut.
  • Industrial Gearbox servicing:- All gears and shafts, overhauls & modifications.
  • Gear repair service:- In some instances we can crack test & repair broken teeth.
  • Manuel lathe turning & milling:-This includes V pulleys & poly V. Multi-capacity machinery for every type of jobbing & specialist work involving turning & machining..
  • Production:- We have a CNC lathe with a bar feed and a machining centre allow us to produce small cost effective runs. The CNC bar feed provides a high output and economies of scale. Our machining centre also allows us to process large capacity work. The Gear cutting capacity that we have allows for gears & sprockets to be produced in a wide variety of sizes.
  • Materials:- We can manufacture in Cast iron, steel, alloy steel, stainless, ferrous and the plastic range.
    Urgent Breakdown service available (Phone 027-224-6587)